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Free SMS Way

Enjoy unlimited text messaging (SMS) for free in India with “Free SMS Way”. This is the application which gives the way to send FREE SMS to Indian Mobile numbers.

Don’t have to worry about SMS Tariffs. Don’t have to worry about SMS limits and restrictions.

Forget your default SMS application. You will have all the basic functionalities of SMS in “Free SMS Way”.

Now Enjoy Free Unlimited SMS to anywhere in India.

What you require is an active Data Plan or Wi-Fi in your Android Device.

*** Now you can see your friend’s Number or Name. No more hassle of “TD-SitSMS, TD-bytwo., TD-waysms, DM-WEBSMS, TD-FullOn”.
*** SMS from website sender’s names such as “TD-SitSMS, TD-waysms” are handled to display actual sender\’s name in your contact list.

*** – In Beta Mode



# Easy to use.

# Free SMS to anywhere in India

# Send <b>Future SMS</b> to your friends (only way2sms & 160by2 gateways are supported).

# Uses Wi-Fi or Packet data (3G/Edge/GPRS)

# Send using site2sms gateway (More Gateways like way2sms, fullonsms to be added soon).

# Switch Gateways instantaneously with a single touch.

# Set default Gateway preference

# Select Contacts from Phonebook

# Integrated into Contacts to send SMS directly.

# Share text/link/phone numbers captured from Barcode Scanners.

# Shows sent and inbox SMS in conversation view.

# Send SMS to multiple phone numbers.

# Background processing of message sending

# Catchy smilies.

# Lengthy messages are split into multiple SMS.

# Call the SMS sender from the message view.

# Free International Gateways are to be added.


Supported Free Gateways:

  • Way2Sms
  • Site2SMS
  • IndyaRocks
  • YouMint
  • Full On SMS
  • SMS India  (users are not allowed to send SMS between 9PM to 9AM and SMSIndia cannot deliver your messages to your friends who are on DND)
  • SMSInside  ( cannot deliver your messages to your friends who are on DND)
  • SMSfi ( cannot deliver your messages to your friends who are on DND)
  • FreeSMS8
  • SMS440
  • BhokaliSMS
  • 160by2


How To Use?

  1. Register in any of the sites of your choice in (,, etc. in future) from your Phone or Laptop/PC
  2. Open the “Free SMS Way”© app in your phone.
  3. Use the Preferences button to go to setup page
  4. Select the desired gateway.
  5. Select the site you wish to login. You can choose any number of them and use them alternatively later.
  6. Enter your corresponding login details. (usually your mobile number and the password)
  7. Choose “New Message” from the main screen
  8. Enter mobile phone numbers or Pick from Contacts
  9. Type your message click Send
  10. That’s it. Your SMS is in your friend’s inbox :-)

Data charges applicable (depends on your connection tariff).

Change Log

Click Here to view the full change log.



Click Here to download the latest version from Google Play Store


Click Here to download all versions of Free SMS Way.


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